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Pay My Fines

Pay up before we clamp down

As of 21 August 2013, if you don't pay - or make arrangements to pay your outstanding fines or infringements, your car can be clamped, or in some cases taken altogether.

Your fines won’t go away until they are paid.

Paying fines and infringements

Paying your infringements and court fines is easy. There is a range of convenient options to choose from. Visit the payments section for more information.

Consequences of not paying

Not paying your court fines and infringement notices can have serious consequences. Visit the consequences of not paying section for more information. 

List of major outstanding fines and infringements

For a list of outstanding fines and infringements by major debtors in Western Australia, visit the outstanding fines and infringements section.

Search licence suspensions online

To find out if your driver's licence has been suspended for the non-payment of a fine or infringement, check online by visiting the suspension check section.

For more information, visit the fines and infringements section.

Last Updated: 28-May-2015

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