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Volunteers make a difference


The Department of the Attorney General and the Western Australian community benefit from the invaluable support of volunteers.

Our Court Services and the Office of the Public Advocate engage a wide range of volunteers to assist in day-to-day activities.

You can also download the Department's Policy and Guidelines for the Engagement and Management of Volunteers, which reflects volunteer issues specific to the Department and provides a uniform standard for volunteer management throughout the Department.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please contact one of the volunteer coordinators listed below.

Victim Support Services

Volunteers provide support and information to victims of crime such as:

  • contacting recent victims of crime
  • helping people become familiar with court procedures
  • offering court support to victims, witnesses and their families or
  • assisting people applying for violence restraining orders.

Volunteer coordinator:
Phone: (08) 9425 2850

Office of the Public Advocate

Volunteers are appointed as guardians to people with decision-making disabilities. Guardians make personal, medical and lifestyle decisions in the best interests of people who have decision-making disabilities due to dementia, mental illness, an intellectual disability or brain injury.

Volunteer coordinator: Bethany Faye
Phone: (08) 9278 7300

Justices of the Peace

Justices of the peace undertake a range of administrative duties in the community including swearing, affirming and declaring documents. At many centres throughout the State, JPs are required to perform judicial duties, including presiding in the Magistrates Court.

Manager Justice of the Peace Branch: Tom Millward
Phone: (08) 9425 2827

Last updated: 22-Aug-2016

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